Beautiful Beasts | 2017 Camaro SS 1SS

What’s cooking, good looking?

The show floor at Portsmouth Chevrolet has been blessed with this beauty: 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS. With 455 Horsepower, this V8 engine is bound to turn heads. Our very own Erich Hardt is lucky enough to sit next to this beast every day. He says his favorite feature of the Camaro is the interior:


And we can definitely understand why! The Camaro SS delivers a smooth ride no matter if you’re cruising down the highway or driving through your neighborhood. This new generation comes suited with a 6.2 liter engine which is equivalent to the power of a Corvette. That means when driving a Camaro, you’ll go zero to sixty in under five seconds. This time beats both the Mustang and Challenger. Pretty impressive!

The 2017 Camaro SS comes equipped with the Teen Driver mode, which allows owners to set specific driving parameters. That’s Chevy for you – always thinking about the safety of the driver.

If you’re thinking about checking out this beautiful Camaro yourself, be sure to stop by! You can’t miss it!


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